Alasdair Clothing Launches

A stylist makes good on her fantasy wardrobe

alasdair clothing!

Uniforms. They’re good for either function (cops, nuns, and French maids) or fun (sexy cop, pregnant nun, and French maid costumes).

April Johnson, the stylist-turned-designer behind new luxe basics label Alasdair, wants to change all that.

Johnson based her debut collection on the high-function-meets-high-fashion aesthetic she cultivated hustling for celebrity clients (Parker Posey, Aleksa Palladino), magazines (Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone), and top music photographers. She road tested silk blouses and bomber jackets, wool capes, and slim jackets on herself (and her friends) rather than models and mannequins, so fits flatter A-list physiques and average Janes alike.

Button up in tuxedo blazers, artfully draped coats, and simple sheaths. When it’s time to let loose, chiffon-back sweatshirts and the red cut-to-there Lola dress do the trick.

Because the last thing you want to be taken for is another working stiff shirt.

Available at stuartandwright.com or shopbird.com, $200-$655. To see styles, go to alasdairny.com.

Photos: Courtesy of Alasdair