Cisthene Apothecary Launches

A cure for the common potion shop


When it comes to doctor’s orders, there’s the good (bed rest and Bravo), the bad (drink this pink stuff), and the ugly (wear this eye patch and drink this pink stuff).

Chin up, buttercup. Cisthene apothecary founder Jen Altman is launching a new operation.

The North Carolina-based photographer, writer, and artist steeped her virtual vanity in indie-label beauty picks and accessories she worked with (and wore) while shooting fashion and designing jewelry in NYC.

Load up on Scotch Naturals, Priti NYC, and fragrances by MCMC. Pile on brass cuffs and leather goods by Anja Verdugo, Heather Kita (Altman’s personal goldsmith), Erin Considine, and Fort (whom she discovered years ago while wandering the Brooklyn Flea and dreaming of her own shop).

To coincide with the launch, there’s a limited run of custom scarves with Altman’s personal photos of healing stones, ranging from pyrite to agate.

Consider it a fashion prescription.

Available at cisthene.com, $34-$248.

Photos: Courtesy of Cisthene