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Sugarfina Candy Shop Launches

A recipe for an infectiously cute confections source


We’re hooked on a delightful new sweets source, cooked up by two real-life sweethearts. Here’s the scoop.

Sugarfina Candy Shop
Makes one

Two founders, Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick
One third-date screening of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Tastes of more than 150 candies

1. Mix the best candies from around the globe, from Belgian chocolates and champagne-infused gummy bears to Parisian hard candies and matcha green tea caramels.

2. Pour into tongue-in-cheek-meets-Tiffany’s packaging and ship to wherever, whenever.

3. Alternatively, use the candies to create cocktail party-starting sets (packaged in a smart silver flasks and shakers) and breakup kits proclaiming “Stop kissing (green apple) frogs” and “Plenty more (Swedish) fish in the sea.”

Serving notes
Present as individual types (Kona espresso beans, Jordan almonds) or in flights (black licorice and malted milk ball tastings include up to 25 varieties).

And expect a (sugar) rush for seconds.

Available at sugarfina.com, $4.50 and up.

Photo: Courtesy of Sugarfina