Geared Up: Mibo Accessories

A Euro designer collaboration worth going animal for


Why did the pip-squeak cross the pond? To get Euro-made accessories from Mibo.

The England-based maker of artful paper animals has teamed with Coq en Pâte, the French creator of ecofriendly children’s goods. Together, they’ve imagined a colorful line of backpacks, shoulder bags, tees, and giant bibs that appeal to both boys and girls. Good news for the jet lag-averse: They ship to the United States.

Each 100 percent organic cotton item has a screen-printed image of one of Mibo’s creatures (giraffe, monkey, squirrel, fox, lion, owl). Build your menagerie piece by piece — it’s hard to buy just one.

At least you’re saving on airfare.

Available at mibo.co.uk, $25-$48.

Photo: Courtesy of Mibo