IntersailClub Social Travel Concierge Launches

All aboard for a new kind of voyage

intersail club!

The thought of hopping a cruise with a cast of characters unknown? You’d rather spend a night below deck with Gilligan.

New site IntersailClub charts a more civilized course for high seas adventure, rigging customized yacht trips with a few simple clicks.

Complete a profile of your R&R preferences, the languages you speak, and how social you’d like to be with your mates. Next, search the site for appealing destinations (insider food tours of Ibiza and volcano lovers’ jaunts and dives through the Aeolian Islands).

Finally, book the dates and accommodations that put the wind in your sails. The IntersailClub planners divvy up the cost of the full-time crew, kitchen staff, and activities equally among the travelers, so everybody gets first-class treatment starting at just $840 per person ($700 if you’re willing to forgo a personal chef and hostess).

You’ll like where this is headed.

Available at intersailclub.com.

Photo: Courtesy of IntersailClub