App-y Day: LaLa Lunchbox

A deliciously simple way to pack a balanced meal

lala lunchbox!

If it were up to your snack bandit, Skittles would be a food group and veggies would grow legs and run away.

Mealtime is fair and square with LaLa Lunchbox, an app that helps parents and kids plan and pack healthy lunches. It begins as little eaters design their own virtual lunch boxes (colorful monster pictures abound). Then they swipe in food pictures from a list of categories — fruits, veggies, proteins, and snacks — to compile a week’s worth of healthy lunches and learn what makes a balanced meal.

When you go to the grocery store, the app converts their selections into an easy-to-follow shopping list. That way, you don’t overbuy or risk creeping into “blech” territory.

That’s sure easy to swallow.

Available at apple.itunes.com, $2.

Photo: Courtesy of LaLa Lunchbox