Little Threads: Bitty Birdie Boutique & Moxie Jean

Consigned kids' clothing at its best

bitty birdie boutique moxie jean!

Hand-me-downs are great in theory — until you open another box filled with too many stripes and too many stains. No wonder you’re tempted to pack it up and pass it on.

Consignment sites Bitty Birdie Boutique and Moxie Jean promise to deliver only keepers.

Bitty Birdie Boutique gathers designer threads from brick-and-mortar shops (some merchandise arrives with tags still on) and parents winnowing their littles’ outgrown wardrobes. Lines such as Lilly Pulitzer and Burberry arrive at your door in like-new condition.

Moxie Jean plays stylist by pulling together outfits from separates. While some sites feel like rummage sales, Moxie Jean groups pieces together by trend. Plus, everything gets professionally steamed before shipping out.

It’s a secret almost too good to give away.

Available at bittybirdieboutique.com and moxiejean.com.

Photo: Shannon Sewell Photography / Courtesy of Bitty Birdie Boutique; Courtesy of Moxie Jean