A Zero-Waste Building Product

Toobalink construction toy


The rate at which your family has grown over the past few years: impressive.

The rate at which your family consumes toilet paper and paper towels: exponential.

If your brood is on a roll — and it sounds like it is — consider Toobalink as your next addition. The ecosmart construction toy uses toilet paper and paper towel tubes as building blocks. Blue plastic cores and orange foam connectors allow kids to turn the castoffs into everything from swords to a teepee frame.

The starter kit includes a few tubes, so you don’t have to raid the recycling bin to get going. It also has an instruction booklet with sample projects. But we found Toobalink to be at its best when our big kids had no guidelines or steps to follow — just good, old-fashioned open play.

All that creative problem solving really wiped them out.

Available at toobalink.com, $35.

Photo: Courtesy of Toobalink