Takara by Jen Goff Debuts

Global-inspired necklaces and earrings

takara designs!

Your quarter-life crisis took you to the far reaches of the self-help aisle.

Inadequacy alert: Jen Goff was a bit more productive.

Postcollegiate stints in photography, visual art, and landscape design, as well as travels from rural Central America to Spain, led her to create new global-inspired jewelry line Takara.

Goff hammers triangle and hoop earrings and dip-dyes silk-tasseled tribal styles to mimic ocean waves and natural colors. (She dreams up design inspiration while meditating and squeezes in medicinal herb and plant studies during her “off” time.)

The self-taught designer finishes amulet necklaces with ancient kimono-style braids and brass bits inspired by African fine art. (She’s an avid jewelry collector.)

Just something else to think about.

Available at takaradesign.com, $44-$154.

Photo: Courtesy of Takara