Nesting Instinct: Halloween Wall Decals

WeeDecor and WallCandy Arts get spooked

halloween wall art!

The outside of your house has been overrun by ghouls, goblins, and spider webs, but the inside looks like Merry Maids just left.

Not very spooky if you ask us. We’ve found two new ways to temporarily stick up some cobwebs.

Known for its PVC-free kids’ room wall decals, WeeDecor is having some fun with pumpkins ($25), spider webs ($30), and, our favorite, the graveyard ($75). The designs are meant to be reused year after year; just save the sticker backing and store until next Halloween.

WallCandy Arts
Pumpkin carving takes a decidedly indoor quality with a trio of orange gourds ($36) complete with 35 mouth and eye parts, six bats, and sixteen pieces of candy corn. Mix and match the mouths and eyes for new combinations every day — all the pieces are reusable and removable.

Photos: Courtesy of Wee Decor; Courtesy of WallCandy Arts