Screen Play: Oh, the Horror

13 scary movies you haven’t seen


It’s scary movie season. And Scott Derrickson’s devil’s playground that is Sinister is out today. You. must. go. And not just because it’s getting good reviews, but because our very own Chicago editor’s man had a hand in creating the fright fest.

For those who prefer screaming from the couch rather than red velvet recliners, we’ve rounded up thirteen outstanding flicks from the horror section you can stream right now.

Let the Right One In
If you learn anything from the bloody Swedish film: Beware preteen vamps.

Not so much a tale of the backwoods slasher hacking up big-chested girls stranded on the highway — more true story serial killer loose in Australia mutilating bodies in a bathtub.

Similar to Sinister, James Wan’s scare fest reinvents the haunted house flick.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
There are more creative ways to die than just chainsaws and handy hooks. Check them out in this sweet, funny SXSW gore fest.

The Innkeepers
Leave the lights on for Ti West’s slow burner starring Sara Paxton as keeper of an inn with guests who never check out.

The House of the Devil
Another from Ti West. This time a babysitter gets marked by the devil, and Greta Gerwig cameos in a killer scene.

Horror for those who hate horror. But there are zombies.

The Human Centipede
Yes, we know. But it’s actually quite inventive and Dr. Heiter is the creepiest mad scientist/doctor we’ve ever seen.

Lovely Molly
Newly married, Molly returns to her childhood home. No pools of blood or rusty saw blades, just a really creepy satanic presence.

A Tale of Two Sisters
Seen The Uninvited starring Emily Browning? This Korean gem is where it stems from.

The dating game is such torture.

The Woman
Lucky McKee’s flick about a family who finds a woman in the woods then stores her in a shed in their backyard is straight-up primal. And things get nasty.

You thought your neighbors were monsters? Watch this community turn into zombies one slithering organism at a time. Oh, and Elizabeth Banks stars.

Find showtimes for Sinsiter at fandango.com. For more theater must-sees, check out our October list. Stream all of the above on Netflix or find something else with our GoWatchIt movie channels.

Photo: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment