Pack Up, Clean Up with Neat Method

Get a move on

neat method moving and organizing services!

Our interview with Neat Method was surprisingly hilarious.

Hire best friends/business partners Molly Graves and Ashley Murphy to bring order to your chaos — and crack you up along the way.

We’re googly-eyed over Neat’s moving package. After taking note of your space and habits (gym rat or sedentary, solo or shacked up, cook or carryout), they facilitate a premove purge. Then they call upon their most trusted movers and arrange the big day.

Over the course of two eight-hour sessions (beginning on moving day), Neat’s experts unpack and organize as much as humanly possible, toss your boxes, go on Container Store runs, and donate what you don’t need to Goodwill. (One couple went away for the weekend and returned to a new, beautifully arranged home — seriously.)

When Ashley relocated a few years ago, she asked Molly if she was allowed to hire herself.

Guess the joke was on them.

Neat Method (info@neatmethod.com or neatmethod.com).

Photo: Getty Images