Screen Play: “Flight”

10 films to get you ready for takeoff

Three things you never want to hear your pilot say:
1. “Are those mountains?”
2. “We’ve lost the right wing, but it’s okay.”
3. “Yes, I was drunk. And high. I’m still drunk.”

Leave it to Denzel Washington to make that last one sound good in Cast Away director Robert Zemeckis’s latest aerial disaster flick, which closed NYFF Sunday (fitting, since the festival opened with a shipwreck) and had audiences (us) sweating bullets. But more on that come November.

Before takeoff, why not get (re)acquainted with the film’s cast? Herewith, a list of movies starring Zemeckis’s crew you can stream now.

Denzel Washington
The Siege (Open up, it’s the FBI.)
Much Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare from director Kenneth Branagh.)

John Goodman
Raising Arizona (Is it kidnapping if it’s family?)
The Big Lebowski (See if The Dude’s free.)

Don Cheadle
Crash (Who wants racism for Christmas?)
Traffic (Bumper to bumper.)

Kelly Reilly
Citizen Gangster (She and Scott Speedman share makeup.)
Me and Orson Welles (Efron or Reilly. Who’s prettier?)

Bruce Greenwood
Double Jeopardy (She should have shot him in the middle of Mardi Gras.)
Passenger 57 (Ever play roulette? Always bet on black.)

Flight hits theaters November 2. Watch the impact below then get showtimes at fandango.com. To see what’s showing now, click through our October must-see list. Stream all the above on Netflix or find something else with our GoWatchIt movie channels.

Also if you’re in NYC this weekend, you can sneak peek next week’s feature, The American Scream, Saturday and Sunday, at Nitehawk Cinema, 136 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg (718-384-3980 or nitehawkcinema.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

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