Plant Fat and the Moon on Your Vanity

Farmed, we're sure

It doesn’t take a trip down the rabbit hole to realize you can learn a lot from flowers.

Ditto the weeds and herbs.

Lesson No. 1: Concoct the proper botanical blend and things start to look rosy.

Just ask Rachel Budde of Fat and the Moon, an Oakland-based organic body care company specializing in herb-infused toiletries.

Before relocating to the Bay Area, Budde spent eleven years as an artist in New York City, where her longtime interest in herbalism began to take root.

Every good starts as a desire, be it for a new product or a way to incorporate a different herb or ingredient.

Take the deodorant cream, Budde’s solution to an odor-masking alternative that won’t leave white streaks and comes in pretty, recyclable packaging. The lip and cheek stain, blended with beetroot, infused sunflower oil, and essential oil of rose geranium, multitasks without looking makeup-y.

These buds are for you.

Available at Gravel & Gold, 3266 21st Street, at Lexington Street (415-552-0112 or gravelandgold.com), $8-$22.

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Photo: Courtesy of Gravel and Gold

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