71 Perfect Presents Under $30

Inexpensive gifts to make happy holidays

Money might not grow on trees, but budget-friendly gifting helps you fake it till you make it.

good erdle elliot modular planter!Green Thumb
This winter, brighten a friend’s dreary small space with a lively shrub in a Good Erdle Elliot modular planter ($24).
baggu shapes key chain!Tri Again
A stocking stuffed with a Baggu key chain ($16) unburdens your nearest and dearest from  conventionality.
heather lins calendar kit!Starry Eyed
Crafty pals can pass the time trapped inside with a 2013 Stitch the Stars calendar kit ($24). Glow-in-the-dark thread adds to the DIY satisfaction.
hot water bottle!Degrees of Separation
In lieu of your own body warmth, gift him a hot water bottle ($25) to snuggle with on dark, snowy nights.

west elm felt bunny tablet holder!Hop to It
As far as rabbits go, Bugs, Peter, and Velveteen are more fluffy than functional. Make a truly heartfelt (and helpful) gesture with a bunny tablet holder ($14).
gifts under $30!Still searching for the most casual, we-just-started-dating-two-months-ago present or a token for a pal? We have more gift ideas under $30.