Glow BIO by Kimberly Snyder Opens on Melrose

Drink your way to better skin

glow bio!

The fountain of youth is no myth.

It sits on the corner of Melrose and Gardner and goes by the name Glow BIO. You may even recognize owner Kimberly Snyder, the nutritionist to the stars who wrote The Beauty Detox Solution.

Opening Thursday, Glow BIO (which stands for balanced inside out) brings Snyder’s message to the masses with organic smoothies, cold-pressed juices, and detox cleanses designed to keep patrons looking — and feeling — forever young.

Each recipe has been crafted for optimal assimilation, digestion, and health benefits. All drinks are plant based, organic, live, unrefined, and packed with superfoods like kale, chia, açai, and goji berries.

Savor Snyder’s alkaline Glowing Green smoothie, chug a Probiotic Booster, or pick up a three-day cleanse. Not ready to kick your caffeine habit? Sip shade-grown coffee in the juicery’s leafy courtyard (future home to lectures and workshops).

Next stop? Shangri-la.

Glow BIO by Kimberly Snyder, 7473 Melrose Avenue, at North Gardner Street, West Hollywood (323-782-3939 or myglowbio.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Ylva Erevall Photography 

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7473 Melrose Ave
@ N Gardner St
Los Angeles, CA 90046