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Get Sweet on Chocolate Twist

Surprise your taste buds

chocolate twist!

You’ve had some twisted ideas in the kitchen; none of them have materialized.

Leave risk-taking to experts like Kate Nolan of Chocolate Twist: The queen’s (her word) new site is finally here.

That means urbanites are one click closer to candy heaven (Nolan resides in Riverside). She has a way with butter and sugar, spinning caramel into creations such as cinnamon cayenne, orange clove, weeping fig, pumpkin spice, and Two Brothers French Style Ale and pretzel. Flavors change seasonally.

Seventy-two percent chocolate truffles come in boxes of five. Test your ability to delay gratification in the company of Chinese five spice, lavender, caramelized banana, Meyer lemon-white chocolate, and Parmigiano-Reggiano-infused bittersweet (trust us: it’s spectacular).

Vanilla bean, cherry, and chocolate artisan mallows are reason enough to whip up a pot of cayenne- and cinnamon-flecked hot chocolate mix.

That’ll set you straight.

Available at chocolate-twist.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Chocolate Twist