Guy's Holiday Gift Guide

Get in the holiday spirits

sunski shades!

Not sure what to buy the boys in your life? Follow their booze clues to find gifts guaranteed to spread good cheer.

All your casual Keanu craves? His board and infinite afternoons at Ocean Beach. Inject a bit of old-school cool into his regular routine with a pair of Sunski shades, a smart spin on a timeless classic, courtesy of two SF-based designers.

Mulled Cider
He’s a tortured genius with a fondness for the eccentric. Keep him crawling back for more with Insect Lab’s bizarre bug-robot hybrids (available in-shop at Paxton Gate), each adorned with mechanical components.

Dude’s always on the go and in the know (you can barely keep up with his Instagram). Wooden skateboards ($275) constructed by Bay Area-based designer Danny Hess will wow even the busiest of bachelors.

The German shepherd of boyfriends, he’s loyal about looking good. Go for a gift that’s clean yet cool, like the minimalist design of Bushakan’s glasses stand.

Dark and Stormy
He may be out West now, but you know which coast he loves the most. ’Tis the season for Nantucket red and green, thanks to Sam’s Chowder House Lobster Clambake to Go. After the feast, choose your own adventure in Half Moon Bay (kayak, horseback riding, or surfing) before returning the empty pot.

hollenwolff cuff links!French 75
He drops more names than Kanye, has a little black book thicker than the Encyclopædia Britannica, and counts Patrick Bateman among his personal icons. Bowl over a baller with HollenWolff cuff links.

Moscow Mule
Players only love you when they’re playing. Or when you surprise them with an original urban assault jacket from Endless Ammo. Designed and produced in SF, it’s water and dirt resistant with a snap neck-tab closure/headphone wire retainer. Game on.

Back in the day, he chugged Keystone from a keg. Today he masquerades as a modern-day Jamie Oliver. Cater to his tastes (past and present) with an Origin Spices BBQ Spice Box filled with six reusable tins.

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Photos: Courtesy of Sunski; Courtesy of Bushakan; Courtesy of Wingtip