Step Up for VintageKicks Hand-Painted Cowboy Boots

New life for beloved shoes


Overheard in your closet between the men who mean the most to you (or your feet, anyway):

Tony Lama: Psst, Post. You there?

Dan Post: Yeah. But I’m feeling rather ragged. I could use some pep in my step.

Lama: Ditto. This skin has seen better days. I’m itching to get into the hands of VintageKicks. I hear owner Jill Jordan jazzes up old cowboy boots with custom paint jobs.

Post: Pinky swear?

Lama: Yeah. She strips and paints boots by hand and then seals them so her handiwork lasts. Designs are whatever your foot desires but include initials, western motifs, and school logos. It takes about three to six weeks.

Post: What if boots are beyond repair?

Lama: She also sells mint-condition vintage pairs — Justin, Nocona — for women and children by private appointment. She currently has about 85 to offer. But we’re a shoe-in.

Available by email order (jill.jordan@sbcglobal.net). Boots range from $65 to $150; custom paint starts at $85.

Photo: Courtesy of VintageKicks