Scout Society: Sidney Prawatyotin

Personal snaps from one of our favorite fashion reps

scout society sidney prawatyotin!

The only thing that thrills our editors more than flipping through photos and finds on our new app, DailyCandy Scout, is discovering more about the people behind them. We’re kicking off a series devoted to just that. Meet DailyCandy Scout Society member, Sidney Prawatyotin.

How do you pay the rent?
I’m a publicist at Krupp Group. [1] We represent designers, such as Chris Benz, Kaelen, Lela Rose, Rachel Comey and Steven Alan.

How else do you fill your days?
When I’m not working, I visit local shops to see what’s new and post them on my blog, TheShopkeepers.Tumblr.com [2]. When I’m not doing that, I’m usually at home with my husband and playing with my Shiba Inus or out to eat at some hole-in-the-wall. [3]

Who are you following these days and why?
I’m really feeling the following on Instagram:
@DJJustineD makes me want to stuff my face with pies. [6]
@janepageherman makes me want to eat meat, start gardening, work on home improvements, and shop. [4]
@stevenkolb has the best pictures of random things [5]. 
Oh! Also, @lukasvolger makes me want to go vegetarian, and @conconwang makes me laugh and does funny things to my brain.

Let’s get scouting.
A self-portrait?
Enjoying a mustache cookie from Provisions. [7]

Your medicine cabinet/beauty bag?
Boy, you’ll be a woman soon. [8]

Your morning coffee?
Nothing like caffeine and e-cigs to start the day. (Stumptown Hair Bender and Bedford Slims.) [9]

What one photo do you refuse to delete from your phone and why?
A couple of my favorite things — one of my dogs and pizza. I keep this on my phone to remind me never to leave those two things alone. [10]

What’s the last thing you bought?
I got this little number from APC. It looks like tinsel — perfect for the holidays. [11]

Your desk, closet, or your “special” place.
On the next Hoarders: Prints and Plaids! [12]

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