Petit Collage Extends Playtime

Toys that look like art

petite collage!

When choosing kids’ art, the smartest thing to consider is a child’s response. Specifically: Will he be able to keep his mitts off it?

In the case of Petit Collage, the answer always has been a definitive “no.” After six years of creating midcentury modern-inspired wall decor — from wood prints to fabric decals — and tempting more than a few curious fingers, artist Lorena Siminovich wisely turned her designs into tactile playthings.

The assortment of animal dolls, memory games, puzzles, and nesting blocks shows off her cut-and-paste style, mixing bright colors and nuanced patterns to adorable effect.

Puzzle pieces are big for easy handling by beginners. The matching-game themes reinforce preschool basics such as fruits, veggies, animals, and colors. And the nesting blocks — which stack as high as your toddler — are made from recycled cardboard that can withstand a beating.

So you’ll be comfortable leaving it in his hands.

Available at petitcollage.com, $13-$36.

Photo: Courtesy of Petit Collage