Kayla Mattes Jewelry Launches

Necklaces that deserve the top bunk

kayla mattes jewelry!

Remember that kid at camp whose arts and crafts masterpieces made your macaroni jewelry seem half baked?

That was Kayla Mattes.

Flash-forward a few decades and the RISD grad is still putting your DIY efforts to shame with her new line of machine-knit and plastic lace (read: lanyard) woven necklaces, aptly titled Summer Camp.

Harking back to the glory days of s’mores and flashlight tag, the line’s twelve trippy, neon-spiked designs have names like First Kiss by the Council Fire (finely knit ropes braided into a chunky square pendant) and Sleep-away Rookie (holographic lace coiled tightly around a variegated strand).

For next fall, Mattes is working on epic-sounding pieces using industrial materials (rubber tubes, metal hardware).

So leave the elbow noodles in the pantry.

Available at Otherwild Goods & Services, 6727 7/8 Hollywood Boulevard, between North McCadden Place and North Las Palmas Avenue, Hollywood (323-546-8437 or otherwild.com); at shopkaylamattes.us, $29 and up.

Photo: Courtesy of Kayla Mattes

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