Scout Society: Tata Harper

Undoctored snaps from a serious beauty guru

Meet DailyCandy Scout Society member, Tata Harper.

How do you pay the rent?
I founded Tata Harper Skincare, a 100 percent natural beauty and wellness company. I’m CEO, so I work in our Vermont headquarters and New York City, in addition to traveling all over the world. 

How else do you fill your days?
Family and work take up most of my time. I have three young kids that I spend time with when I’m not working; otherwise, I love spending time crafting, decorating my house and guest house, reading, and being with friends and family. Here’s one of my decorating projects — giving a mirror some personality. [5]

Who are you following these days and why?
I love following @modaoperandi for fashion ideas; @kimstetzyoga, who has been inspiring for me as I learn more about yoga; and @lopezjennylopez, who has an amazing blog and a fun and beautiful life.

Let’s get scouting.
A self-portrait?
I’m in Cartagena, Colombia, with [one of my] two sisters, enjoying the sunshine. [2]

Your beauty bag?
I honestly don’t use much makeup. These are my two essentials: bright red lipstick and my aromatic stress treatment, which I carry everywhere and doubles as a perfume. [12]

Your pets?
This is Dolly, one of our two horses. She’s so sweet. [7] And this is one of our nine dogs, Doctor, guarding over the house. [4] And one of our goats snacking on the ducks’ food. [6] Lots of animals on the farm!

Your significant other, lover, or BFF?
This is my husband, Henry, with Tata Mia, happy on a weekend morning. [10]

What one photo do you refuse to delete from your phone and why?
I cannot get enough of this shot. Grace and Hunter (my two- and four-year-olds) and all of their close friends meeting Tata Mia. It always cheers me up. [11]

Your lunch?
My lunch always includes fresh juice and a salad; it’s an important time to de-stress and energize for the rest of the day. [9]

What’s the last thing you bought?
Traditional Colombian bags for the girls in the office. [8] I love bringing home treats like Colombian candy, coffee, and goodies to share with everybody in Vermont.

Your desk, closet, or “special” place?

My office at home, where I have so many memories and pictures pinned to the wall. A cozy space where I can get a lot done. [3]

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