RocksBox Jewelry Service Has Us Hooked

Subscription-based accessories meant for you


Sung to the tune of Jewel’s “You Were Meant for Me”

You take a shower, comb your hair,
Walk to the closet and pick out a dress to wear.
You got your shoes, got your handbag, too,
You got your evening plans, everything but jewels.
Pick out some earrings but can’t find their mate,
You want the right accessory, but don’t wanna be late.
Then the RocksBox appears, and it all becomes clear, ’cause,

Trends last only so long,
Overkill makes them just wrong.
Want CC Skye and Ted Rossi?
Sign up and soon you will see (set them free).
RocksBox jewels were sent for you,
And you were meant for them.

Create a profile; detail a style all yours.
They’ll curate a box of three pieces, guess who they’re for.

Yeah … they were sent for you. And you were meant for them.

Available at rocksbox.com, $19 a month.

Photo: Courtesy of RocksBox