Conquer Gifting at Stadler-Kahn

Stocking stuffers for art lovers


Every year it’s the same story: a sock filled with assorted Kisses and the everlasting storybook of Life Savers. Rewrite history with quirky finds from Stadler-Kahn (and have owner Alex Stadler wrap them with a bow from the wall of ribbons).

Couto Toothpaste, $10
The dental hygienist assuaged your fears during last month’s root canal; show your appreciation with a tube of ritzy paste from Portugal.

Azzardo Panforte, $20
Cousin Jenny loves canning, juicing, and other time-consuming culinary endeavors. Wow her with the candied orange peel-speckled Italian confection made by Stadler’s brother and Linda Hazzard.

George Plush Stick Chew Toy, $13-$16
If Miss Barker Stewart turns her nose up at slobbery tennis balls, toss her this squeaky plaything.

Needle Felted River Rocks, $28-$64
Heidi Bleacher’s replicas of stones found in Maine remind your urban forager friend of the simple life.

Vintage Gift Wrap, $8
Grandma gingerly unwraps presents and stashes the paper for next year. Replenish her supply with a selection from the ’70s.

Which you’ll see in the future.

Stadler-Kahn, 1724 Sansom Street (267-242-7154 or stadler-kahn.com).

Photo: Christine Chisholm / Courtesy of Stadler-Kahn

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1724 Sansom St
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