Better than Nuggets: Love Mae Bamboo Dinnerware

Dishes they'll actually eat off

love mae!

Your little diner always clears her plate – by throwing her food on the floor.

If you’re going to be taunted by a bare dish, it may as well be impossibly pretty, like the new bamboo collection from charming e-shop Love Mae.

The three-piece dish sets come in two nature-themed designs. Under the Sea includes a plate splashed with a red octopus, a shark-infested bowl, and a grey chevron cup; the equally darling Woodland Critters stars a sprightly fawn, a little birdie, and a floral print. All the pieces come in subtly washed-out colors that give them a slightly retro vibe, but the material – nontoxic, biodegradable bamboo – is very of-the-moment.

What’s more, the whole collection is dishwasher safe, making it a clear winner.

Available at lovemae.com, $30.

Photo: Courtesy of Love Mae