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A foodie read that keeps you coming back for seconds

good company magazine!

In the beginning, Julia Child begot Mastering the Art of French Cooking, the slow food movement, a Meryl Streep flick, and generations of new/old-school chefs.

And it was very (very) good.

Behold: Good Company magazine, the next chapter in the foodie bible game.

Art director Debi Kogan (Crate & Barrel, Target) and style editor Bobbi Lin (Martha Stewart Living) are the duo behind the mouthwatering biannual read devoted to all things essential, beautiful, and useful to kitchen-based entertaining.

The debut issue is a mix of the latest from their respective homes of Chicago and Brooklyn — a booming East River-based roaster/coffee cafe profile; original photos sprinkled with eco-conscious products, cutting boards, and cooking gadgets; and a Brussels sprout salad recipe with nods to both an Alice Waters original and a cooking blog that even we had not heard of.

Up next? A webshop full of seen-in-the-mag, exclusive products vetted by the editors themselves.

Talk about divine intervention.

Available at goodcompanymagazine.com.

Photos: Courtesy of Good Company Magazine