Screen Play: Simply the Best

Movies for the Twelve days after Christmas

favorite movies!

Well, now that it’s over, let’s do it again! Whoever said Christmas comes just once a year was mistaken. Prop up your feet, defrost Grandma’s figgy pudding, and spend another twelve days with our favorite flicks of the year.

Day 12: Killer Joe
Exorcist director William Friedkin delivers a winner winner chicken dinner. Kentucky-fried drumsticks are a-drumming in the final act.

Day 11: Sound of My Voice
There’s no piper piping, but there is Brit Marling as a cult leader cooing The Cranberries’s “Dreams.”

magic mike!Day 10: Magic Mike
Lord, how they leap in Steven Soderbergh’s classy-trashy stripper flick that has Matthew McConaughey nominated for Film Independent’s Best Supporting Male. All right, all right.

Day 9: First Position
Follow little ladies (and boy) dancing the gauntlet that is the Youth America Grand Prix.

Day 8: The Sessions
John Hawkes, Helen Hunt, and her boobies get it on in the true story. (Hawkes is really milking it, too — he’s up for FI’s Best Male Lead.)

beasts of the southern wild!Day 7: Beasts of the Southern Wild
Swans, chickens, gators, hush puppies … They’re all a-swimming, along with every other beating heart in Benh Zeitlin’s waterlogged force of nature that swept Sundance — and is vying for FI’s Best Feature.

Day 6: Take This Waltz
Sarah Polley’s adultery number about a couple whose geese are cooked stars Seth Rogen and Michelle Williams. No need for the wild goose chase — this one’s streaming on Netflix.

silver linings playbook!Day 5: Silver Linings Playbook
David O. Russell’s feel-good winner scores five gooolll-den rings with us. (You’ll see why that’s perfect.)

Day 4: The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Our favorite colly bird, Emma Watson, finds her American calling as a high schooler opposite Logan Lerman’s melancholy.

Day 3: The Intouchables
Think of it as The Diving Bell and the Butterfly meets Pretty Woman — in French.

moonrise kingdom!Day 2: Moonrise Kingdom
Boy Scout diorama or quirky coming-of-age tale — either way, you’ll fall for the two turtledoves in Wes Anderson’s latest stylized masterpiece.

Day 1: The Cabin in the Woods
If you haven’t lived the SXSW horror hit yet, do it now. Five friends, (at least) four countries, two writers, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Now go see Zero Dark Thirty.

Find out where to stream/buy/rent all of the above on our GoWatchIt movie channels. For more inspiration, flip through December’s must-see list, our holiday Roundup, and our favorite movies to rent.

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