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There's No Finer Diner than Little Goat

What Stephanie Izard is up to

little goat diner opens!

The most common way to pass on your legacy: have a kid.

Congratulations to Stephanie Izard on her newborn, Little Goat Diner.

Just across the way from Girl & the Goat, Little Goat is Izard’s answer to a 24-hour joint (it’s open from 7 a.m. till 2 a.m.).

Pop in early for a head start on the deliciously overwhelming menu: breakfast (kimchi bacon, eggs, pancakes; smoked corned beef hash; biscuits and crumpets), sandwiches (oyster po’ boy, fried pickles and hummus), and burgers (choose your patty and accompaniments) taste good any time of day.

Try the goat shepherd’s pie for supper, or go for veggie lasagna and tomato-apple soup. Late-night snacks such as hot crab dip and barbecue pork nachos cure your hangover before it starts.

And save room for a thin mint shake or a slice of blood orange meringue pie.

They’re birth it.

Little Goat, 820 West Randolph Street, at Green Street (312-888-3455 or littlegoatchicago.com).

Photo: Emily Fiffer for DailyCandy

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820 W Randolph St
@ Green St
Chicago, IL 60607