The Ultimate Kids' Reading List

What to read tonight, tomorrow night, and the night after that

the ultimate kids' reading list!

We dread bedtime. It’s the final act in a long day that never seems to end — it’s too dark, someone has to pee, and everybody is thirsty.

But we love books at bedtime.

So we gathered our favorite reads — some from our own childhood, others we’ve discovered with our kids — and put them together on a virtual bookshelf for you and your littles to enjoy.

Behold the wonder of squirrels, a friendship between hippos, and how puppies kiss. Ease your child’s fears, and maybe tackle a few of your own. Engage in a little wordplay, introduce brainteasers, and learn to say a whole lot without any words at all.

A good story won’t make the bogeyman disappear, but our list of 83 books will make bedtime something to look forward to.

That’s our story — and we’re sticking to it.

Check out our all-time favorite books.