Get Sudsy with Lady Gatsby's Throwback Soaps

Easy on the eyes, hard on the trouble spots

lady gatsby soaps!

When it’s time to cut a rug, you bring on the funk. But when it’s time to get unfunky?

Hop to Lady Gatsby, a new soap line with swagger to spare.

Kenyan farm-born, California-based Martha Muthoni graduated from making her own egg yolk facials as a teen to indulging in a full-fledged organic beauty habit and fashion illustrations.

Vegan castile soap bars in beautiful scents (whiff oats ’n’ honey, juniper berry, pink grapefruit, and more) come wrapped in paper envelopes with stylish sketches.

We’re partial to the retro, raven-haired profile; violet and gray gingham bow ties; and dapper gents resembling John Stamos, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Common.

Pile them high, lather them in, and get your bathroom boogie on.

Available at etsy.com, $5-$20.

Photo: Courtesy of Lady Gatsby Luxury Bath