Q&A: The Woman Behind the Blog

The Local Rose's Shiva Rose

the local rose's shiva rose!

To spend time on Shiva Rose’s holistic lifestyle blog, The Local Rose, is to get that peaceful, easy feelin’. Whether rhapsodizing about a must-try organic beauty product or sharing her favorite vegan Thanksgiving recipes, the L.A.-based blogger radiates the sort of calm and well-being that we only experience after a fourteen-hour nap.

Here, Rose chats about raising chickens, healthy eating, and Kundalini yoga. Namaste.

Name: Shiva Rose

Neighborhood: Near the Pacific Palisades

Occupation: Writer, actress, mother, activist, gardener, vintage fashion connoisseur

What were your three favorite discoveries this year?
Kundalini yoga was my greatest spiritual discovery. The breathing and community has brought me close to spiritual bliss at times. As far as products I’ve discovered, I would say African Botanics and Golden Milk from Moon Juice. I also love Beatrice Valenzuela sandals.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?
To take risks. I have heard that successful people fail yet eventually succeed. Also to really enjoy life because we all have it coming some day.

Finish this sentence: “I feel naked without…”
Some body oil or skin oil on me. I also feel naked being vulnerable, but that’s when the fun happens.

As the owner of chickens, do you think fowl have souls? Please cite evidence for your argument.
Ha! Yes, my three ladies definitely have souls. Maud, Maria, and Frida are characters. We lost Edith to a hawk last September and the garden felt empty without her. Also Maud (her sister) was depressed for days and stopped laying eggs for a month, so there must be a soul connection.

To take a question from one of your own blog Q&As, are you a forest fairy or a mermaid?
I have been waiting years for someone to actually ask that question! Thank you for being so thoughtful. I am mostly a forest fairy without a doubt, unless I’m in Kauai and then I sprout a mermaid tail. The ultimate is to hike up the Napali coast through the forest to the waterfalls and be both.

What is your biggest nutrition no-no?
I am pretty obsessed with eating non-GMO foods, so that means all organic. The more I research, the more I feel the big agro corps are trying to poison us. They are now growing corn with the same substance as agent orange to keep pests away. People need to wake up to the fact that what acts as a pesticide will give them cancer. I also stay away from caffeine because it’s like crack to my system. I would be up for a month!

What would a soap opera about your life be called?
As the Roses Bloom.

What recent blog post has elicited a lot of feedback?
Lately when I’ve mentioned getting connected to the moon and our earth, I’ve noticed comments. I think we are starved for a feminine connection to our planet, our cycles, our communities. Also the maca vanilla smoothie post got attention — maybe because maca enhances your sex drive!

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Photo: Courtesy of The Local Rose