Tighten Mind and Body with Shrink Session

Break out of a rut and into a sweat

shrink session!

You can shrink your butt. You can shrink your head. But until recently, there wasn’t a way to work both at the same time.

Meet Shrink Session founder Erin Stutland.

This week the petite NYC fitness instructor launches videos and a virtual studio to address both problem areas.

Our sneak peek went like this: Learn one positive mantra (“What is for me can not pass me;” “Love is the key, and it starts with me”) per simply choreographed eight count; shake our booty like there’s no tomorrow; assume plank position to recharge and refocus; end with a heartfelt “Namaste.”

Sign up for four 45-minute sessions (download, plus unlimited access to streaming), then return to the website for updates, goal-setting exercises, and the like.

According to Stutland, the intent has more to do with hitting personal bests than kicking your own ass.

Which is no small feat.

Available at shrinksessionworkout.com, $99. 

Photo: Courtesy of Shrink Session