Nesting Instinct: Sunday in Color

Unique decor and toys from around the globe

Your cleverly named son, Jackson, just made a new best friend, named – wait for it – Jackson.

In the world of wee ones, it’s not easy to be unique.

Unless you’re shopping online at Sunday in Color. The site carries off-the-beaten-path decor, toys, and stationery from around the world (Vietnam, Japan, France, Belgium).

Owner Sonia Imbert lovingly chooses wares brimming with colors and patterns. You’ll be hard-pressed to resist such delights as polka-dot animal bookends, penguin-shaped paper balloons, red gingham suitcases, stuffed patchwork elephants, and circle fabric garlands.

With most of the stock ringing in below $40, you won’t feel at all guilty about buying things you want but don’t need. 

How original.

Available at sundayincolor.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Sunday in Color