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The Juice Is Loose with Marcy E. Cruice

She gives you liquid courage

mary cruise juice!

These days, it seems like everyone and her mother is juicing. (No, really — your mom is.)

Ironically, maternal support is what’s missing from most detox plans.

Marcy E. Cruice aims to change that. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition grad’s new Juice with Cruice Club provides clients real talk during juice time (drinking your meals ain’t easy).

After a consultation to discuss your goals (Cruice treats holistically — relationships, job, diet), you get a customized plan. Choose the duration (five to 21 days), method (DIY — she’ll help you purchase a juicer and give you recipes — or point you in the direction of a bottled brand), and day-to-day (you’ll drink what makes you comfortable — it’s about replenishing, not eliminating).

Throughout your cleanse, Cruice sends daily emails with helpful tips and is on call 24/7.

Follow up with a longer-term lifestyle program to solidify good habits.

So you can make Mama proud.

For more information and to contact Cruice, go to marcyecruice.com, $200 and up.

Photo: Chris Gramly / Getty Images