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Slip into The Squeeze

Healthy snacking that won't kill you

the squeeze!

It’s day seven, and already resolution No. 1 — eat healthy or die trying — is looking like your funeral.

Call off the undertaker and sink your teeth into The Squeeze’s virtual snack bar.

Fresh-faced founder and Natural Gourmet Institute alum Karliin Brooks spent last summer trucking organic fare and juices to New York City’s elite (and growing a citywide following in the process). Now you have access to her expertise, too.

Trade 100-calorie bags of gluten for low-fat, minimal-salt takes on chili and cheese kale chips, onion rings, popcorn, and granola clusters worthy of your tot’s cereal. (They have a three-month shelf life, but our editors devoured all the samples in less than a day.)

Lest you feel thirsty, cold-pressed juices (infused with aloe vera, coconut water, and berry-based flavor boosts) start to ship nationwide within the next two months.

Now you can live for resolution No 2: Get rich.

Available at thesqueezejuice.com, $8-$11.

Photo: Courtesy of The Squeeze