App-y Day: Bikn

The secret to never losing anything, ever

treehouse labs!

When your keys, phone, and diaper bag go missing, you blame it on a black hole.

Instead, the universe might be telling you to get Bikn. The tech innovation for iPhone uses both an app and tracking devices to help you find lost items. The premise is simple: Download the app, pop a sensor-clad case on your phone, and attach tracking tags on anything from purses to keys to your child’s belt loops. The system communicates wirelessly and lets you know the direction and how far away you are from a tagged object.

Use the “Find” feature for both visual and audio prompts, and “Leash” to control how far a tagged item can go from the phone case before triggering an alarm. The “Page” feature sounds alerts on one or multiple tags — perfect for keeping your brood together in busy places.

The only thing you won’t lose? Your mind.

Available online at bikn.com, $130.

Photo: Courtesy of Treehouse Labs