Screen Play: Happy New Year

12 streaming indies that help you stick to your resolutions

screen play new year!

Now that the confetti’s settled, you’re busy eating raw and chanting om. When you’re ready to ditch the headstands and pop some corn, queue up our list of movies designed to keep your life on track — without a yoga mat.

The good news? They’re all streaming on Netflix. The bad? You still have n to the fourth power resolutions to uphold. Get to watching.

Embrace Solitude: The Loneliest Planet

Survive the Fiscal Cliff: The Queen of Versailles

Coin a Texasism: Bernie

Fill Your Dance Card: Take This Waltz

Get More Omega-3s: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

See a Comedy Without Fart Jokes: Jeff, Who Lives at Home

Stop Swearing: Jesus Henry Christ

Learn French: Monsieur Lazhar

Master Time Management: Oslo, August 31st

Have an Affair: Weekend

Go on Hot Dates: Burning Man

Eat More Apples: 2 Days in New York

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Photo: Inti Briones / Courtesy of Sundance Selects