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valerie a. lifestyle management!

Sometimes you feel like a candle in the wind.

Never knowing who to cling to when your brain’s meltin’.

Stop humming a solo tune and dial in backup with Valerie A. Lifestyle Management’s personal assistant service.

Valerie Fidan and her team of lifestyle managers have serious range, tackling requests both professional (coordinating dinners with venture capitalists, booking business travel) and personal (weekly house cleanings, Match.com profile updates).

Start with a quick phone or in-person consultation to assess specific needs and potential projects. Next, you’ll receive a New Client Kit designed to help narrow the selection process for a manager match.

Then it’s simply a matter of (time) commitment: Get help staying the course on a strictly per-project basis or take advantage of daily, weekly, and monthly programs.

Should you need to rock around the clock.

Valerie A. Lifestyle Management (650-394-5090 or valeriea.com).

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