Westbrook Maker Hats Are Arresting

Criminally good toppers

westbrook maker milliners!

Culprits: Westbrook Maker milliners Gregory Westbrook and Nicholas Fouqet

Last Seen: The native Floridians operate out of their workshop in Venice, with noted plans to infiltrate Bergdorf’s shelves come fall.

Alleged Activities: Employing the same methods (hand-blocking, pouncing) as old-school hatters to craft toppers more dapper than Derby. Dealing only in American materials and crafting everything (even ready-made styles) to order.

Known Accomplices: Mysterious Tucumari Hamburg, known for its wide-brim, chocolate-brown base, and caramel trim; Palomino Holypaw, a camel-colored gator hunter with a gold and ivory band; and Mariposa Tejon, a dandier fellow with a flat top and shorter brim.

Notable Remarks: Bespoke-minded patrons confirm the pair dabbles in custom designs, incorporating heirlooms (cloth from grandfather’s tie, a button from grandma’s coat) when asked.

Reward: More cowboy cred than that steel horse you ride.

Westbrook Maker, 1410 Abbott Kinney Boulevard, at Navarre Court, Venice (westbrookmaker.com). To order a custom hat, email nick@westbrookmaker.com, $350-$950.

Photo: Courtesy of Westbrook Maker

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1410 Abbot Kinney Blvd
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Venice, CA 90291