Relish These Relics

We declare Nikki Couppee's custom pieces genuinely awesome

nikki couppee custom jewelry!

Packing Slip

Date: January 23, 2013

Sender: Couppee, Nikki

Contents: Titanic relic-worthy objects — from found mini clamshells to colored and cut stone — combined into fresh earring, necklace, and ring designs.

Order Notes: Standard statement pieces get lost in this bunch. Prized cargo includes Fire Coral, a $300 earring duo pairing a lone red twig with a transparent citron yellow sliver and faux silver foil beneath faceted plexiglass; and Diamonds and Pearls, a $650 double-sided brooch blending faceted gray enamel with a brass chain link and wood.

Delivery Preferences: Anything can be customized to customers’ liking and turned around in about three weeks.

Declared Value: $85-$750. (A lower-priced line is in the works, but she prefers to keep weightier orders original, a la commissioned works of art.)

In other words, this ship is priceless.

To see styles, go to nikkicouppee.com. For custom orders, email ncouppee@gmail.com.

Photos: Courtesy of Nikki Couppee