Get a Bespoke Book/Shop Reading List

Personalized selections just for you


When you pride yourself on not living by the book, the best-selling list should be banned territory.

Unfortunately, you haven’t discovered a reliable story source since outgrowing LeVar Burton.

Turn to Book/Shop’s bespoke book-suggestion program; the detailed recommendations present a whole new chapter in personalization.

Simply answer a few questions (hobbies, interests, favorite genres during childhood) via phone or email. Owner Erik Heywood then curates just-for-you picks and outlines them on a password-protected link on the site.

Our selections addressed an affinity for complicated heroines (Infinity Net, Yayoi Kusama’s memoir; Turgenev’s devastating First Love) and appreciation for the surprising and strange (Collier’s imaginatively unhinged Fancies and Goodnights). Heywood even nailed our desire to be surrounded by glittering people (Virginia Nicholson’s Among the Bohemians; Calvin Tomkins’s Living Well Is the Best Revenge, about power couple Gerald and Sara Murphy — a.k.a. the inspiration for Fitzgerald’s Tender Is the Night).

So nice to be on the same page.

Available at book–shop.com, $75 for a list of ten detailed recommendations.

Photo: Courtesy of Book/Shop