Little Threads: The Itty Bitty Project

Tees we felt for

There are few things in life as satisfying as learning to button your shirt. Except for maybe buttoning a sandwich to your shirt.

We’re not talking nonsense — we’re talking about The Itty Bitty Project. This exercise in creativity, dexterity, decision making, and patience features T-shirts that come with tiny felt pieces that can be buttoned or snapped to tees.

Choose from three-eyed monsters, egg sandwiches (bread, cheese, fried egg, boiled egg, yolk, and bacon), pizza (crust, cheese, pepperoni, pepper, mushroom, and basil), regular sandwiches (bread, cheese, bologna, lettuce, tomato, and onion), and flowers (poppy, dahlia, sunflower, daisy, lily, and carnation).

Kidlets can layer their creations as they wish — a flower pizza monster, perhaps? Or stick to what’s on the menu.

Either way, one thing is certain: It’s all in the index finger.

Available at ittybittyproject.com, $7-$32.

Photo: Courtesy of The Itty Bitty Project