Sniff Out Goest Perfumes

Spray it, don't say it

goest perfume!

Perfume isn’t for everyone.

But after a weekend of huffing Goest (pronounced “ghost”), we hereby declare it up to snuff.

After honing her craft in Paris, founder Jackie Steele landed in Ann Arbor. There, she works on her perfumer’s organ — blending rare flower absolutes, tinctures, herbs, and essential oils — and stamps every bottle herself.

Each enchanting scent is deftly layered and exquisitely balanced. Feminine Dauphine has notes of rose and sweet almond set against a musky backdrop (Steele was inspired by Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette).

Animalistic, sweetly smoky Jackal; woodsy, citrus-in-the-sun Lartigue; and basil- and cedar-drenched Grand Tour work for guys and girls. Grassy Realism contains coveted hay absolute; Vitt Bläck is a collaboration with Detroit-based designer Ella Sven.

The creme de la creme? Custom fragrances blended just for you.

We smell a winner.

Available at Caza Chicago, 1459 North Milwaukee Avenue, at Honore Street (773-227-7774 or cazachicago.com). For more information, go to goest.us.

Photo: Courtesy of Goest Perfumes 

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