Q&A: Woman Behind the Magazine

Catching up with Foam's Sari Tuschman

foam's sari tuschman!

We don’t usually play favorites but we’ll make an exception for Sari Tuschman, Foam’s indomitable editor-in-chief. Smart and sassy (arguably the best combo), the Colorado native is steering the spirited lifestyle mag in exciting new directions that lure us back to our first love: print.

Here, Tuschman talks workday staples, surf spots, and Taylor Swift’s need for “alone time.”

Neighborhood: Santa Monica, a few blocks from Main Street and the beach

Occupation: Editor-in-chief of Foam magazine

When was the moment that you knew you wanted to be a writer?
I wrote a short story when I was a little girl just because I wanted to, and when I gave it to my parents, they asked if it was a homework assignment. When I said no, I remember them being surprised and sort of impressed, which made me realize it was weird that I just wanted to sit around and write.

What’s L.A.’s best secret surf spot?
Oh, where I go to surf isn’t a secret. I go to popular places that have small, rolling waves where my goal is simply to not get killed and not seriously piss someone off (and to catch some waves in the process). If you would like to know my favorite spot, that would be Sunset up PCH.

What can you not get through your workday without?
Coffee, my coworkers, and the promise of a glass of red wine at the end of it.

What’s currently on your bedside table?
My iPad, the book Gone Girl, my iPhone and BlackBerry (I’m disturbed, one phone isn’t enough), and a pad and paper for ideas that come to me in the middle of the night.

Who is your all-time favorite celebrity interview (and why)?
Do Carl Bernstein, Michael Eisner, or RFK Jr. count as celebrities? Or does that make me sound like a huge nerd? Wait, wait, I know. David Beckham. He told me I looked lovely at the end of our interview, and I almost passed out. I have it recorded if you don’t believe me.

What breakup are you more choked up about: Jelena or Taylor Swift and that One Direction kid?
Do you mean, which two things in the world couldn’t you care less about? Because these two things would be at the top of that list. Taylor Swift really needs to have some alone time. Enough is enough.

Where do you go to feel inspired?
The ocean or the mountains. If I’m surfing, skiing, or snowboarding, I’m at my best and my most content, and that’s when the best ideas come — because my mind is actually clear, which is rare.

What’s been your favorite recent Foam discovery?
I’m not sure this would count as a discovery, but in our current January/February Art & Blogger issue, we shot model and illustrator Langley Fox Hemingway, who I’m sort of obsessed with, in a fashion feature in which all the outfits were inspired by different art periods. Then, Langley drew on the images. She is an incredibly talented artist. I’m so proud of it I could cry. It ended up so beautiful thanks to Langley, stylist Christine Baker, and photographer Zoey Grossman. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever done in my magazine career.

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Photo: Courtesy of Sari Tuschman