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Schulzies Bread Pudding Is Spoonworthy

Chase a sugar high in Hayes Valley

schulzies opens!

Reasons bread pudding is like Jordan Catalano:
a) Rebellious. Like, you can eat something so comforting. With a utensil. And, like, not have to chew.
b) So strange yet so simple. It’s actually beautiful.
c) The ideal spooning partner.

Ponder the complexities at Schulzies, a new Hayes Valley shop dedicated exclusively to the sweet stuff.

Dissatisfaction with the available selections prompted owner Sarah Schulz to whip up her own recipe. The result? An ooey-gooey, batter-like consistency with just the right custard-to-bread ratio.

Flavors rotate daily with more than 108 possible combinations. Try the Millie Vanillie Bean (named after Schulz’s daughter) or Boom Boom Banana (we mashed up the slices to create a big glob of goodness).

Stay traditional and order warm or try chilled as a texturally superior alternative to fro yo.

Because sometimes someone creates something really smart, and it just fills this little empty place in your heart.

Schulzies, 364 Hayes Street, at Gough Street (510-783-3464 or schulziesbreadpudding.com), $4.50 for a single scoop; $6.50 for a double.

Photo: Courtesy of Schulzies

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364 Hayes St
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