App-y Day: Dragon, Robot, Gatorbunny

A virtual sketchpad for your Van Gogh-in-training

dragon, robot, gatorbunny!

Yankee Doodle went to town in your house. Just ask the purple stick people scribbled on your kitchen wall.

Hide the crayons and download Dragon, Robot, Gatorbunny. The iPad eBook is a digital version of Calef Brown’s popular children’s book that prompts budding artists to draw fantastical animals. Your doodle bandit uses his fingers as writing instruments for mess-proof fun. Just tap the screen and “sketch” anything from snail-kittens to bunny-crocodiles, modeling them after Brown’s silly originals.

To make sure the precious oeuvres don’t get lost in cyberspace, you can take screenshots, and print or email them to friends and family.

Write on.

Available at itunes.apple.com, $10.

Photo: Courtesy of Chronicle Books