Be Megan Baldwin's Inspiration

Let the DJ write you a rap

custom raps megan baldwin!

Unless your name starts with Bey and ends in oncé, the role of rap song muse is usually one to avoid.

Put the negative notion on ice and commission a custom flow by Megan Baldwin.

By day, she’s creative director at Chromatic Gallerie. Come night, she spins at clubs and bars around NYC. To prep, Baldwin spends hours mixing beats; after so many repeats, alternative lyrics sprouted naturally. Her humorously tweaked versions of tracks became gifts for her clique — and now you.

Email Baldwin with your request (b-day, get well, general ode) and a compelling reason to take your case. If she’s game, she replies with a list of questions. Your answers become the base for her flow, so details equal gold (or perhaps platinum). One rule: Haters are not welcome.

Rhymes range from $70 to $90 and take one to two weeks to complete (three and 60 additional bones if you want her freelance rapper to lay down the track).


Available by email (baldwinsistersdj@gmail.com).

Photo: Oliver Morris / Getty Images