Book Report: Open This Little Book

A new story full of surprises

open this little book!

You’ve been around Goodnight Moon more times than NASA.

It’s time to rotate a new read into story time. Start with Open This Little Book, an imaginative new picture book from debut author Jesse Klausmeier and award-winning illustrator Suzy Lee. What looks like the typical hardcover soon reveals itself to be much more. Crack it open to find a book within a book within a book — and so on.

Each page features a little tale about a book-loving animal. Through creative use of colors and varying page sizes, the stories stand on their own. At the middle, everything intersects in an altogether playful way (if we told you how, it would spoil the surprise).

We promise you’ll be over the moon.

Available at amazon.com, $11.00.

Photo: Courtesy of Chronicle Books