Screen Play: Sundance 2013 Superlatives

The best, most, and sweetest of the fest

the spectacular now!

As the festival comes to a close and we’re packing away our boots, we’re left wondering which films are shining stars. Though awards are handed out Saturday, we took it among ourselves to dedicate very official titles to our favorites. And here they are.

Toast of the Festival: The Spectacular Now
(By far, our favorite. Three cheers.)

Trippiest Place on Earth: Escape from Tomorrow
(Disney World gets weird. Really weird.)

the east!Best Direction: The East
(Where Brit Marling goes, we will follow.)

Most Likely to Pass Go: Toy’s House
(Board games, yes. Bored games, no way.)

Best Foster Home: Ain’t Them Bodies Saints
(Though cast in a supporting role, Ben Foster kills it.)

fruitvale!Sweetest Tribute on the Vine: Fruitvale
(Dubbed the darling of Sundance.)

Most Charming: Prince Avalanche
(David Gordon Green exercises manners. Kind of.)

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Photos: Courtesy of Sundance.org; Myles Aronowitz / Courtesy of Sundance.org; Rachel Morrison / Courtesy of Sundance.org